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Behavior Change Technologies provides technology-based solutions to improve the delivery of evidence-based practices. Our solutions enable corrections professionals to do more with less.

CIVIL WORLD and SKILLS is an interactive, self-paced, corrections software program designed to modify criminal thinking and teach pro-social skills using a cognitive behavioral approach. The software provides 30 hours of dosage without the need to hire new staff or add to current staff's workload and can be installed on a pc or accessed on-line.

4:1 BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM software from the Carey Group is a fully customizable software solutions designed to guide staff through evidence-based responses to offender behaviors.

DIGITAL LIBRARY from the Carey Group provides over 100 evidence-based tools that can be used in one-on-one sessions with offenders.

CORRECTTECH is a comprehensive community corrections software designed to manage any agency's requirements for implementing evidence-based practices.