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Chamberlain Academy is a Residential Treatment Center, licensed by the South Dakota Department of Social Services to provide treatment for males and females between the ages of 13 to 18. Chamberlain Academy provides solutions for developing productive lives for youth who may otherwise turn to self-destructing behaviors. Our Challenge is to offer a nurturing environment where respect and education are highly valued.

At the Chamberlain Academy treatment programming places primary importance on thinking and behavioral change. Chamberlain Academy focuses on critical thinking, social/life skills, emotional literacy/management, empathy training, vocational training, and career development and education advancement. The primary emphasis is to teach the young people the skills necessary to be successful. The YSI approach to progressive learning is designed to track progress of the student towards readiness for reintegration back into their home or another environment. Students must progress through four distinct levels each level focuses on a “theme” of learning, they are: Understanding Past Patterns of Thinking and Behavior, Understanding the Impact of Behavior on Others and Self, Learning Positive Alternatives to Past Thinking and Behavior and Commitment to Success and Relapse Prevention.

Programs Offered:

Long Term 6-8 months
Students who are placed in this program have a criminal history. They tend to be older and have been through numerous other programs. In this program we have one male group and two female groups.

High-Impact (HIP)
The Chamberlain Academys HIP is an intense 3 to 6 month program designed for primarily for first or second time offenders or youth that have failed in foster care or group home settings and violated the law.

Short-Term Intervention (STI)
The Chamberlain Academy also offers a short-term, secured setting program for pre-dispositional youth and those awaiting placement in other facilities. Students who are placed under this status will receive all services our other program students receive.

Additional Services
In additional to the above programs the Chamberlain Academy also offers youth:

* Mental health services contracted through Dakota Counseling Institute. These services include individual psycho-therapy as needed, evaluations and medication monitoring. Dakota Counseling Institute also runs an in house Survivors of Sexual Abuse Group.

* The Substance Abuse Program is provided through a contract with Stepping Stones. State accredited Chemical Dependency evaluation and services including education, in-house Intensive Outpatient Treatment and prevention. Students also have the ability to attend in-house or community AA meetings.

* Accredited on-campus educational programming including GED and graduation capabilities, Individual Education Planning (IEP), vocational education which includes pre-post employment skill development and World of Work Programs with employment opportunities in-house and in the community as well

* Life/Social Skills/Emotions Management including nutrition, wellness, sexuality, interpersonal skills, money management, community resources, housing, cultural diversity and parenting (pre-toddler),

* Community service projects and restitution opportunities.

If you would like more information or wish to make a referral contact the Chamberlain Academy at (605)234-5525