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National security and safety are among the most important needs the United States faces today. Voice Analysis Technologies is dedicated to providing solutions to recognizing individual's intent in a non-intrusive, non-profiling manner. Voice Analysis Technologies believes in protecting the rights and safety of every citizen, company, organization and our country from those who intend to harm, deceive or risk at the expense of the innocent through the use of Layered Voice Analysis (LVA 6.50), Secured Access Control technologies (GK1, Crystal Sky, OZ) and the Risk Assessment technology (RA5) used in insurance fraud.

We are also working on ways to provide care to those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental/ medical health issues. Our post-deployment soldiers and their families who need assistance will benefit from this care.

Voice Analysis Technologies provides accurate, non-intrusive and language friendly credibility assessment tools to protect and provide help in a world where security and safety are primary concerns.

Corrections and Sexual Offenders Applications:

1. Internal prison rape investigations.
2. Reduction in “false leads”
3. Ability to evaluate if threats are real and with intention.
4. Hostage negotiation
5. Assessment tool for “rehabilitation” and treatment effectiveness.
6. Assistance in understanding prisoner readiness for communal reintegration.