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MICROTRONIC US utilizes the most widely installed "Smart Card" technology for closed environments. Cashless Vending, Access Control, ID Badges, Time and Attendance, Registers, and more, all with one media. Loading value can be done with Cash, Credit Card or Debit Card.

MICROTRONIC offers a comprehensive range of hardware and software to meet your cashless system requirements. MICROTRONIC cardholders pay for goods and services using their card or other media. Cardholders can pay for vending and/or POS transactions. Cardholders can add account credit online using Advanced Technologies Group/Keefe portal. We are working to integrate with other Inmate Trust accounts as well.

About Us

MICROTRONIC US is the distributor of the MICROTRONIC Cashless System in the United States. This system is the forefront leader in Prepaid Cashless and Access Control Technology and was developed in Switzerland over 35 years ago.
MICROTRONIC Cashless System is an electronic cash - "Prepaid" system in a microchip. It also provides full credit/debit card functionality within the Loading Station. The intelligence in the MICROTRONIC System is between the readers and the cards. The points of payment are virtually unlimited and the system can grow as additional machines are required. This feature allows you to meet your requirements of today while allowing for future expansion and growth, tomorrow.

MICROTRONIC US has shown extensive success in both Inmate Cashless Vending and Visitor Cashless Vending, with facilities spread throughout the US and Puerto Rico. We now offer a Refund Kiosk that will allow Visitors to obtain a refund upon leaving the facility.

This is of no cost to you.