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The Corrections Assistance Network is the only Corrections support organization in the country to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability. We know we can help because our network has been developed by retired Corrections Officers with 50 plus years of combined experience.

The Corrections Assistance Network offers the following to Treatment Programs, Officers / Staff and Unions / Agencies.
It is our mission to help you free yourself of the pressures and stresses that affect both men and women in all aspects of the corrections profession.

We know that corrections is an under appreciated, hazardous and stressful occupation. We know the toll that it takes on you, on your family and your relationships.

We know and we care, because we've been there. Many of our trained professionals have come up out of the corrections department and are now dedicated to helping you, our colleagues through the hard times.

We have the experience, training and resources to help you address any situation that you may now be facing.