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LexisNexis® Corrections

Legal Research Solutions for Correctional Facilities: secure access to comprehensive and authoritative legal content.

LexisNexis® provides cost-effective solutions developed to help correctional facilities meet the legal research needs of their inmates. LexisNexis is already helping corrections facilities throughout the country. LexisNexis® can help you reduce research costs and your risk of inmate litigation, while keeping you in compliance with constitutional mandates.

Plus, at no addition charge, you'll enjoy the training and superior customer service you can only get from LexisNexis.

Legal Research in these secure formats:

External Hard Drive (EHD)
The EHD gives you a portable, cost-effective alternative to provide inmates access to case law without the obligation to devote scarce resources to maintaining a traditional legal library.

Touch-Screen Kiosk
The kiosk is a steel-encased, high-security solution with a simplified interface that allows users with little or no computer experience to easily navigate legal content.

Custom User Interface (CUI)
Access to LexisNexis Internet-based products is through a CUI that meets specific security requirements. This restricts inmates to certain portions of the® application and further enhances security.

Print & eBook Publications
LexisNexis Matthew Bender® print titles offer traditional print libraries a wide variety of subject matter options.

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