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History of Excellence
Founded in 1976, ModuForm originally manufactured one style of fully roto-molded plastic lounge seating. Today, the product line spans from casegoods to dining room to lobby furniture and includes solid woods and unlimited choices in fabrics and finishes. ModuForm serves the healthcare, human services, institutional, correctional, college and university, military and government markets with over 4500 different products.
Over the years, ModuForm has maintained a commitment to the community as well as to customers. Progressive environmental programs include clean manufacturing practices and aggressive recycling efforts. ModuForm has received several "Green" awards for awareness and implementation of processes to meet environmental challenges.

Our Craftsmanship
Nestled in the heart of central Massachusetts where building fine furniture has been an art for centuries, ModuForm has access to the most highly skilled engineers and crafts people in the work force today. Combining experience and talent with the latest in technology and production methods has resulted in superior furniture for a wide range of needs and tastes. Aesthetically pleasing, durable, functional and flexible, ModuForm bears a reputation for quality and a history of excellence.

All wood components are hand-picked, high quality furniture-grade wood, made from North American hardwoods. Received at ModuForm as raw lumber, each piece navigates through our production process, which features some of the most modern, state-of-the-art woodworking equipment available. All components receive three coats of Ultra-Violet (UV) cured resin yielding the finest quality, most durable finish available in the market today. Between finish coats, extra attention to sanding is applied both by machine and by hand. Each and every product is thoughtfully engineered to yield maximum durability.
Our adherence to the highest standards at every step of the production process insures that we produce top quality products, meet customers needs and expectations, and remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Solid Wood
For over 33 years, ModuForm furniture has been built on a philosophy to make wood furniture in its most natural form; using Solid Wood construction. Our woods are only purchased from sustainable forests. We stay true to durability and the beauty of a solid wood piece.

Crafted Only in America
ModuForm Inc. is an American Made company. We have been blessed to have a skilled and dedicated family of employees in Central Massachusetts who take great pride in crafting ModuForm furniture. Our commitment to complete domestic manufacturing is a large part of who we are. We are proud of our country, proud of its abilities and we stand by our American name.

It's in the Details
Does it matter to you that your dresser rests level on the ground? Is it important to you to have drawers that work well even when they are completely full of heavy clothes? Maybe it matters to you that the parting rails that hold the case together are flush and stay that way after you move the furniture when you redecorate? If these details do matter, then you will trust our furniture. We pay attention to the littlest details that truly make our furniture “beautiful."

Custom Upholstery
Our standard on quality and value are just as important in our line of upholstered furniture. Our custom upholstery makes it easy to apply your tastes, your needs and your sense of style.
From the finish, to the feet style, all the way to the choice of loose or fixed cushions, you can have it just the way you want it.

I bet you didn t know this...
All of ModuForm seating meets CAL 117 requirements per the California Fire Codes, which are the most stringent of fire retardant tests.