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GFRC Shelters have several unique structural and architectural features that make them different from other building techniques. SThe avantages of GFRC Shelters are: * Low maintenance exterior. No maintenance for structural integrity. Low maintenance for like new appearance. * Structural materials are all non-flammable. Non-flammable finish materials are available. * Additional openings can be placed in floor, roof or walls after construction. * Can cut holes in walls anywhere within 2" of inside corners. * Normal building includes 3/4" plywood mounted to steel structural tubing. * Heavy accessories can be mounted directly to 3/4" plywood. * Unistrut inside the building can be hung from structural steel members. * Fiberglass batts in wall provide thermal and noise insulation. * Can be picked up and moved as many times as desired, with or without installed equipment. * Skid can be added for difficult access or special situation. * Easy to modify if expansion is necessary.