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Keystone Correctional Services, Inc. works with offenders being released from correctional facilities. We attempt to qualify individuals for meaningful employment opportunities upon release from our facility.

KCSI has several programs in place to provide residents an opportunity to learn work skills, social skills and other key life skills that assists them with successful integration into their residential communities

KCSI recognizes the need for certain key elements in any successful life; a positive living environment, a positive work environment, a family support network, honing life skills and good self esteem. To accomplish these elements KCSI involves everyone on staff to work with the residents. We reach out to our local community for partnerships in developing these key elements. These partnerships provide responsibility, community ties, social interaction and confidence.

Keystone Correctional Services utilizes WRITS (Work Release Information Tracking System) one of the most innovative tracking systems in the Industry. This system tracks all aspects of our residents supervision while in our facility. It tracks anything from finanace distribution of funds to detailed scheduling.


Keystone Drug Testing, Inc. is an affiliation of KCSI. It was created to supply the need for a positive and quick turnaround Drug Testing Program for local businesses and government agencies.

Keystone follows the current Department of Transportation guidelines and is available as a collection site 24 hours a day. A Five Panel test is provided by using Siemens' equipment with Gold Standard EMIT Technology.

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