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Used in a correctional setting, LACES tracks students associated with ABE, GED and ESL programs, including classroom-based activities. LACES also tracks students who are matched on a one-to-one basis (volunteer and/or paid tutor) and/or small group instruction. LACES tracks outcome measures such as educational gains, goal achievement, and attendance hours.

LiteracyPro Systems is the nation's leading developer of student data management software for a wide variety of educators and social service providers. Our software is uniquely designed to serve state administrators as well local providers.

Chosen by more than 20 state departments of education, labor, corrections and libraries, LiteracyPro Systems provides state government agencies and direct service providers with the data-management tools needed to demonstrate efficacy and plan for the future. LiteracyPro Systems, Inc. creates information management systems that can track, aggregate, and report program data.

LiteracyPro Systems' software enables users to become more effective in their programs through easy to use but powerful information management tools, training, and unparalleled on-going technical support.