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Introducing the patent pending HomeWAV Video Visitation product. Yes, there are other systems out there but none provide the advantages to the facility that the HomeWAV system provides.
The HomeWAV system revolutionizes the visitation process and greatly reduces the cost of providing visitation in detention facilities.

The HomeWAV web based video visitation system highlights:
Hardware provided at no cost on a 1 station per 30 inmates basis.
It is installed at no cost
It is maintained at no cost
The facility receives a revenue share based on usage
The Android Smartphone visitation application was released last month and in use today.

There is no staff required by the visitation program at the facility.

Calls /visits are billed on a per minute basis with a 1 minute minimum. An inmate can say goodnight to his kids for the one minute cost.

The inmate places the call/visit. The HomeWAV system is used approximately 300% more than the competitive systems because of the ease of placing a call/visit and because there is no scheduling involved.

The system works just as the inmate phone system in that the inmate places the call to registered visitors any time they are available.

The facility receives a revenue share based on minutes used, The standard contract is a five year renewable contract.

I appreciate your taking a some time to review the HomeWAV product. We would be more than happy to demonstrate the product over the Internet or in your facility

To further discuss this possibility, please contact me at 757-222-9138 or email at mailto: