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The Model 100 Inmate-Visitor Phone System. A standard since 1973.

The model 100 is the best, clearest, most affordable inmate-visitor communications system available today. It uses no batteries, and is clearer than the familiar consumer telephone. Installation is simple, and the Model 100 is retrofittable to any visiting area.

The Model 100 Inmate-Visitor Telephone System, now in its 35th year of production has become the most efficient cost-effective way of providing excellent inmate-visitor communications in the visiting area of your institution. From small local jails, to large state penitentiary, the Model 100 is the solution to your visitation needs.

The System consists of two handsets, with sealed caps to prevent vandalism and contraband passage, armored cables similar to that used in pay-stations and police call boxes, and a power supply that will power as many as 20 inmate-visitor conversation pairs. Learn more about the system here.

Installation is simple, and the system is moveable and can be retrofit into existing or new visiting areas. A safe low-voltage is used, and power consumption is that of a nightlight for 20 booths. All conversation pairs are independent and isolated, and a short or open circuit in any pair does not affect the system due to the use of our exclusive, splitter-isolation networks, developed specifically for this application. Our installation manual is available for you to review here.

We have supplied systems from one conversation pair up to 444 handsets. And our handsets are hearing-aid compatible, and tamper-resistant.

A side benefit of the Model 100 is a quiet visiting area since the volume and clarity of the handsets is superior to that of the familiar consumer telephone handset. We have received reports of a dramatic drop in the noise level (as well as the anxiety level) of visiting areas where the Model 100 System is in use.

Whether you are planning a new institution, or have an existing one, where you need decent inmate-visitor communication while maintaining high security in your visiting area, please call so that we can assist.

The Model 100 Inmate-Visitor Telephone System . for 35 years the answer to inmate- visitor communications problems. Call or email for price and delivery.

Call or email for pricing and delivery to equip your visitation area with the finest, most reliable Inmate-Visitor Telephone System The Model 100.

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