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ETECH CONTROLS CORPORATION manufactures Secure-Tech, state-of-the-art, modular electronic communication and control system products to meet the specialized needs of modern justice and correctional facilities. Over one-hundred modular electronic functioning products and end-of-the-line communication devices, are currently available to provide for the integration of control, monitoring, and communication systems. Secure-Techs product line has been the industry leader in innovative off-the-shelf solutions for every detention electronics need for over twenty-five years!

Custom engineered control electronics assemblies, and their mating control panels or touchscreen type operator interfaces, are available as turnkey products, labeled for field wiring connection and factory tested to assure that they provide the intended functionality. All Secure-Tech products and assemblies are manufactured NEC 725 compliant, using the highest quality materials and construction methodology. Secure-Tech products have a reputation for quality and reliability that is backed by over thirty-five years of proven dependability and unequaled customer support.

Secure-Techs first large-scale touchscreen operator interface detention facility project installed in 1988, incorporated a total of seven touchscreen terminals. Over one-hundred stand-alone distributed processors were incorporated, so that all remote detention housing area controllers remained operational even in the event of a total failure of all touchscreen based central control terminals. These were highly innovative systems for their time. All Secure-Tech facilities utilizing existing field devices and electronics, can be upgraded to Touchscreen at a minimum cost.

Secure-Tech products and systems remain at the forefront of the industry for quality, innovation, and proven reliability. No other brand of equipment can compare with the diversity of industry specific features, options, and capabilities that are available in Secure-Techs off-the-shelf electronic modules and assemblies.

Etech Controls supports every system ever installed with Secure-Tech systems for the lifetime of the facility! We were so confident in the reliability of our products that we were the first to provide an extended TWO YEAR WARRANTY, and LIFETIME TELEPHONE TECHNICAL SUPPORT is provided to all end users! This warranty conveys to our customers that Etech Controls is committed to providing high quality products, and to the long-term satisfaction of the end user.

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