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Federal Employee Defense Services, Inc. (FEDS) was founded by a former federal attorney with the express purpose to protect and educate federal employees about their professional exposure; and to offer coverage, claims administration and legal representation specifically tailored to meet those needs.

The FEDS Professional Liability policy provides claim management and access to attorneys experienced in federal employee civil litigation, criminal investigations and litigations, and defense of administrative and disciplinary cases on behalf of federal employees. FEDS has assembled a nationally recognized panel of attorneys who have a vast amount of experience in representing federal employees and law enforcement officers. FEDS and its panel of attorneys listen to and work with those organizations, associations, government officials and other experts that are most familiar with the exposures federal employees face to ensure we are always current and can respond to the specific needs of all federal employees.

Also, FEDS specifically designed the program so that coverage decisions would not be controlled by FEDS or the insurance company by using a separate claims administrator. Due to the experience with federal employee civil, criminal and administrative liability issues, Specialty Claims Management, Inc. was a perfect fit. FEDS policy decisions are based upon the facts of the case and the terms and conditions of the Master Policy to ensure the best interests of federal employees without the appearance of conflicts of interest. This is particularly important to many associations representing federal employees.