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If you are an adult learner seeking to advance professionally, balance personal life with education and career, and achieve your dreams, Northcentral University -- an accredited online university providing graduate and undergraduate degree programs in business and technology management, education, and psychology is the school for you. Many online schools mandate weekly attendance, campus residency, and rigid, inflexible program requirements and term schedules. Not NCU! We create a unique 100% online academic program just for you, allowing you to pursue professional interests beneficial to your career, receive personalized guidance from Faculty Mentors, and schedule learning at your own pace to suit your busy lifestyle.

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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice CAGS will explore the global multicultural network connecting distinct legal traditions and codes, both domestically and internationally. This CAGS specialization benefits Learners focused on developing competencies across a wide spectrum of criminal justice subjects and issues required for career advancement in law enforcement, justice system, criminal investigation and the corrections system.
CJ7002 Delinquency and Criminal Justice

In the past two years the Justice Department has reported a significant increase in violence among teenagers and other youths. This increase appears to have contributed to a nationwide crime spike. The Justice Department has highlighted gangs and gun violence as primary factors affecting the rise in crime. This course examines the causes of this increase in juvenile delinquency including social, economic, and cultural factors. The course will also explore national strategies to address this issue, their effectiveness and future application.
CJ7004 Organized Criminal Gangs

This course provided a comprehensive review of organized street and motorcycle gang activity in the United States starting in the 1960s through the present. In the past decade motorcycle gangs like the Moguls. Hell's Angels and Outlaws. These gangs have fostered a culture of violence, perversion and hate. They have also become major participants in drug smuggling and distribution. This course will look at the gangs organization, traditions, criminal activity, violence and prison gangs, the Ku Klux Klan, other white supremacy groups In depth examination will be conducted into the link of organized crime in the United States to other nations and world-wide organizations in addition to analyzing the culture aspects of organized crime. Categorizing this counterculture is complicated due to their interrelationships and networking including traditional organized crime families.
CJ7007 Criminal Justice Research Methods

This course provides the Learner with a comprehensive understanding of current Criminal Justice data bases, scholarship and research techniques. The course will combine Operational Analysis techniques with the latest information, application and theoretical frameworks being employed in Criminal Justice research.
CJ7010 Effective Police Tactics, Techniques and Methodologies

This course will examine police tactics, techniques and methodologies across the world exposing the learner to “best practices” including evidence collection, psychological profiling, agency collaboration and jurisdictional requirements. The learner will develop a keen understanding of the latest techniques and technologies which may be employed in a criminal case as well as the research and development techniques used to generate new tactics and methodologies.
CJ7011 Ethics and Criminal Justice

With the torture uncovered in Iraqs Abu Grad prison by National Guard troops top down analysis has been conducted on how ethics are taught, instilled and practiced at the nations prisons. This course explores the ethical challenges that are faced at the Strategic level and the systems in place to prevent unethical practices by law enforcement.
CJ8010 Criminal Justice Capstone Project

The doctoral learner will create a comprehensive research project that seeks to create a unique solution to a stated real or hypothetical defined topic approved by the Mentor. The project should be suitable for publication, company or specific organizational application. Research scope and definitions must be declared before the specific approved project can commence. The topic must be oriented to the academic discipline of Criminal Justice. Learners will be assessed on demonstrated proficiency in designed assignments, which will culminate into a final research project.