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L.C. Doane manufactures tough, reliable lighting fixtures for demanding correctional and institutional use. These fixtures are setting new records for durability. Whether they're from our regular line or designed specifically for your application, our products keep the lights on even in the most abusive situations.

For over half a century, our lighting has withstood the worst environments and toughest abuse onboard U.S. naval vessels. In fact, we're so good at manufacturing quality heavy-duty fixtures that we set the standards for today's submarine and surface ship lighting. Now we're making our tough, reliable lights for demanding marine, industrial, correctional and institutional use - and setting new records in durability. Whether they're from our regular line or specially designed for you, our products go through rigorous testing for shock, vibration, closure, noise and other conditions.

As a total product manufacturer from Fabrication through Finish Assembly, we control the entire process of creating solutions to your lighting problems. Working in cold rolled steel, aluminum or stainless steel, we use the latest in welding methods of Gas Tungsten Arc with Pulse Arc Fusion, which produces the cleanest, most consistent welds possible on all seams. After fabrication, we paint all parts in your choice of polyester powder, ensuring smooth edges and a high-quality, long-lasting light fixture.