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Sanitech provides value-added sanitation products & services designed expressly for public school cafeterias. We currently are involved with thousands of school cafeterias throughout the southeast addressing sanitation & safety concerns that are particular to the school nutrition environment.

Sanitech installs sanitation systems that are customized to each individual district's needs. We are a service company that offers unique solutions to sanitation issues with user-friendly products and cutting-edge technologies. Whether it is furnishing assistance with OSHA, HACCP, or local health inspections, or whether it is delivering on-site support during our monthly visits to each school, Sanitech is not an ordinary chemical provider.

With Sanitech, it's like having a sanitation supervisor working right on your staff. It really is cafeteria management for the 21st century.
Cleaning Genie is a complete portion-controlled product line that has been designed to provide everything necessary for manual cleaning in the cafeteria. On-going, on-site and on-line safety & usage training is furnished during every monthly visit.

Sanitech's Sparkle! Ware Washing System was designed to be an operator-friendly method of standardizing ware-washing procedures throughout the district. Our Sparkle! line of production and electronic dispensers are state of the art.

At Hand is our "no worry", touch-free, OSHA approved disposable towel service. As with all of Sanitech's modules, this is all inclusive. We provide and install brand-new dispensers, as well as deliver disposable towels throughout the school year.

Syzygy is Sanitech's completely computerized HACCP data collection & management system. Syzygy means completely paper-free HACCP! It has been specifically designed to simplify school HACCP produres & is web-based. You can access any school's information in real-time from your computer.

Recovery is a deep-cleaning floor treatment that removes dirt and chemicals trapped in and on kitchen floors. Sanitech's technicians and our specially designed products and equipment take care of all of the dirty work for you.

Guardian is a wireless, web-based system that can monitor real-time temperature & operational data from cooler and freezer units within a district. The system sends out alerts via browser, e-mail, or a cell phone whenever temperatures fall below their pre-set limits.

Arctic Blast is routinely scheduled maintenance of walls and floors in areas of cold to sub-freezing temperatures. Just-in-time product delivery, instruction, and training are provided just before the scheduled cleaning.