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The Aqua Recycle® Laundry Water Recycle System is the only proven system on the market that will reclaim and reuse ALL of your laundry wastewater.

AquaRecycle™ has revolutionized the laundry industry by applying a proven water purification process to the laundry environment. Our filtration and treatment process provides clean, disinfected and pre-heated water to the washing machines. Our AquaSmart® technology tracks system performance, guarantees recycled water quality and provides complete automation of the system.

Modular and Compact
Efficiently designed, our Laundry Water Recycle System can be placed anywhere - even in the tightest space. All systems are pre-assembled in our manufacturing plant, plumbed, wired and tested before shipping. Systems may also be installed outside depending on winter temperatures.

Fully Automated
The system is controlled by our AquaSmart System, so there are no labor-intensive operational requirements. The system is pre-programmed to initiate a backwash to remove retained solids.

Performance Audit
Remote access allows us to monitor system performance, trouble-shoot any problems, and perform software modifications to run the system at its most optimum level.

Water Quality Audit
State-of-the-art in-line water quality sensors insure the consistency and excellent quality of the final recycled water. Fail-safe alarms and mechanisms are used for additional quality control.

Expandable and Upgradable
Upgrading the system is very simple and inexpensive allowing for future growth of your operation.

NO chemicals are used at any point in our recycle system or filtration process.