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CR SAFGUARD® fire-resistant cushioning for "high-risk" mattress and pillow applications (including medical and juvenile mattresses). Compliance with "real-world confinement" mattress fire test scenarios within the ASTM F 1870 detention standard and ASTM F 1085 Annex A.3. CR SAFGUARD® avoids the fire hazards associated with synthetic fiber-type detention mattresses. New ClearView transparent mattress covering provides correctional officers with a solution to easily locate, identify, and confiscate contraband. Unequalled combination of fire-performance, physical and comfort characteristics. Provides lowest cost per inmate due to proven durability of the mattress interior and by best eliminating "cracking" of the covers. Mattresses are available with or without a built-in-pillow. Mattresses can be recovered for further extending service life. Contact us for prompt information, and performance specifications for bidding purposes.