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Union Supply Group
Union Supply Group, comprised of Union Supply Company, Food Express USA and Union Supply Direct, is the nations most innovative and price sensitive supplier of shoes, clothing, electronics, food and personal care products to the correctional commissary market. Since 1991 Union Supply has grown in double digit figures year after year, becoming the nations preferred commissary supplier. Union Supply serves the correctional marketplace exclusively, and has created the most innovative products, emphasizing security, pricing and customer service as the top priorities.

Union Supply Company
Union Supply offers the largest selection of athletic footwear, sandals, work boots, electronics, clothing and personal items. We have extensively studied the needs of the correctional marketplace, and developed the most comprehensive, innovative products in the industry. Some of our cutting-edge products include Clear Tunes® Clear Flat Screen TVs, available in sizes ranging from 7? to 15?, and Courtline Work® Boots, which are designed for security to include nylon eyelets, bamboo shank and triple stitching for ultimate longevity.

Food Express USA
Food Express USA offers both food and personal care products exclusively to prison and jail commissaries. Food Express is leading the industry with national brands as well as private label brands, with an emphasis on quality and price. While consistently striving to introduce quality food and personal care products, we continuously listen and adhere to the commissary staff requirements. Food Express USA maintains a high sense of urgency for new product development in order to meet and exceed the needs of the correctional commissary marketplace nationwide.

Union Supply Direct
Union Supply Direct offers the quality products from both Union Supply Company and Food Express USA, allowing family members and friends to send packages to inmates in over 25 US states. Union Supply Direct offers custom Inmate Direct sales programs to the correctional industry. Each program is customized around the rules and requirements of family packages for each state. These programs can be designed and customized, allowing inmates and their loved ones to order weekly, monthly and quarterly, as well as seasonal and holiday opportunities.