Ferguson Safety Products

303 Potrero Street
Suite 2
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
United States of America
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Our goal at Ferguson Safety Products is to make the hard job of managing inmates and patients easier, safer, and cheaper. We take the time to test and review every facet of the design of our products. The materials we use in every product are researched thoroughly to make sure it is the right thing for the most effective safety product available. Comments and suggestions from mental health, medical and correctional professionals are welcomed by Ferguson Safety Products. Your comments tell us what you need in order to do your job and we take them all quite seriously. We are an old fashioned company in that we believe in providing you with strong, durable, long-lasting products. Our main product line is known for its incredible lifespan. It is not unusual for us to contact customers that have not purchased from us for over five years to find that they are still using our Smocks, Blankets and Sleeping Bags. The material we use to cover our mattresses has been lab tested and is guaranteed to not crack or peel for more than 20 years.