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Correctional Programs, LLC sells products for the educational and recreational needs of correctional facilities. Our ever-growing array of items includes English novels and books, Spanish novels and other assorted Spanish books and materials; as well as parenting videos and books as well as CD's in English and Spanish. We have a wide variety of musical instruments, equipment and supplies and, our interactive, computer based Inmate Reentry Program called "Targeting Success" has been placed in over 50 state, private and federal institutions.

It is Correctional Programs' mission to fully support correctional institutions with products and services while fully understanding the mandates and guidelines under which they operate. After 25 years of being part of the industry I can now apply what I learned during my career to make life easier for those working in correctional facilities today.”

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Books and Texts(in Spanish and English
Spanish Books (Leisure)
English Paperback Books
Spanish Books (Educational)

Re-entry Programs
Targeting Success - Inmate Re-Entry Program
Targeting Success is a re-entry training program that teaches inmates job search and money management skills. This is accomplished through interactive lessons delivered on a multimedia instructional platform. Targeting Success emphasizes goal setting, job search, and money management skills using CD-based audio, video, and print resources.

Traditionally institutions start preparing inmates to reenter society three years before release. Targeting Success allows an inmate to build a portfolio, with introduction letters, resume, a complete financial plan and listing of community contact wherever they are released to.

When an inmates improves their educational level and completes vocational training programs, they can simply go back to the resume' sessions to update.

Through this program, inmates will start concentrating on the positive side of society instead of the negative side of incarceration.

Targeting Success effectively integrates learning with the transition needs of inmates, correctional institutions and prospective employers.

Targeting Success Program - Program Excerpts

The following excerpts will give you a good idea of what this program has to offer the prison population who are making re-entry into the real world. These files are large, so please be patient while you are downloading the files for viewing. And you may need a viewer to see the movies.

Just click on the following links to see the movies:

How It Works on Your Computer
How to Look For A Job
Cover Letter
The Job Interview
Money Management
Checking Account
Insurance, Savings & Financial Investment
Targeting Success Database

Parenting Videos

Musical Instruments