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Senior Associate / Business Development Manager

Contact: Marcine Herron

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Founded in Washington, in 1953, Integrus has provided criminal justice planning, design, and security design services throughout the United States, completing over 350 justice system projects in 26 states and territories. This work has included pre-design programming, needs assessments, design and security consulting services, and full A/E services for jails, adult and juvenile correction/detention facilities, law enforcement, and courts of all security levels. Our most extensive work has occurred in state corrections systems and in public safety work on the county/city level. This long-standing commitment and history has resulted in an established reputation for design excellence and as industry leaders in the justice system market.

Integrus has developed a number of unique services which are specific to our Criminal Justice projects including staffing analysis, security planning, healthcare needs, and operational training. These services extend beyond traditional design approaches. Members of our staff, known as the Justice Group, work exclusively on criminal justice projects and are affiliated with a number of Justice System organizations.

Integrus' approach concentrates on the basic principles of safety, security, and operational efficiency. Plans and facilities are organized to serve current needs while providing a sound foundation for future change.