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We create products specially designed for Prison Safety and Security. Our Products are Engineered for Safety of Inmates and Correctional Officers at Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities, Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Facilities.All Our Products are Provided in Clear, See-through Packaging with Bar Codes on Individual Packages.

Floss Loops Safety Dental Floss

•Designed to Break Easily.
•Can’t be Made into a Rope.
•Can’t be Used to Pick Locks and Handcuffs.
•Can’t be Used as a Weapon or a Saw.
•Tamper-Evident, Clear, Ziplock Reusable Polybag Packaging with bar codes.
•Eliminate Security and Safety Issues Involving Traditional String, Nylon Floss and Flosser Picks.
•Used by Federal, State and County Correctional Facilities and Juvenile facilities.

Loops Flexbrush
Safety Toothbrush

•Flexible Handle
•Non-Shank Design
•4.25” (11cm) End-to-End
•Weapon Proof
•DuPont® Bristles (soft or medium)
•Clear Packaging, Sealed in Individual Polybags with Bar code.