2095 Dabney Road
Richmond, VA 23230
United States of America


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Securitas, Inc. is a Virginia corporation established in 1995. Our primary business is manufacturing and marketing high quality, innovative products developed from company owned patents or from products developed to meet specific end-user requirements. Our flagship products are NO-SHANK®, ULTRALIGHT-SPORTS and CLEARVUE. In addition, we have developed several other ingenious products under the FRE, UltraFlameout and UltraCleans brand names.

Protecting the Protectors-
Securitas' first product was NO-SHANK®, a fingertip toothbrush. This unique invention, U.S. Patent No. 5,636,405, has no handle. It makes it virtually impossible for someone to create a slashing or stabbing weapon from it. It has been described as "probably the biggest safety innovation for jails and prisons in more than 20 years". It is currently marketed to a very specialized niche of the North American toothbrush market, i.e., correctional institutions at the Federal, State and Local levels, including Juvenile systems. Securitas has placed this product in over 56% of the Department of Corrections facilities in the United States and in U.S. Marine overseas facilities, such as Guantanamo Bay, since its introduction.

Securitas, under the NO-SHANK® brand, has developed additional safety products; unbreakable mirrors, super flexible pens, flexible pencils and a one-piece high security mini-razor whose blade is 3/8 the size of a normal razor. Our CLEARVUE® searchable personal care products for inmates are designed and manufactured to the requirements of the correctional industry. These products are packaged in clear containers and the contents are completely transparent. In addition, all these products are alcohol-free and biodegradable.

Additional Products-
ULTRALIGHT-SPORTS products are similar products to the NO-SHANK products but packaged for retail sales under the brand name ULTRALIGHT-SPORTS. These products are sold to the recreational outdoor market through retail distributors and through the Internet. Our UltraFlameout product is an amazing flame inhibitor for use on any porous or semi-porous surface. UltraCleans is a super heavy-duty cleaner that removes almost anything; ink, permanent marker, graffiti, dirt, grease and baked on grime. FRE' is our line of unscented personal care products.

In addition to its own product lines, Securitas provides contract manufacturing services under it's ShortRun FILLERS name to a wide range of companies whose products can be found nationwide at major chains such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Coghlan's and other fine stores.

Securitas is privately owned and is located in a 7,000 square foot facility in Richmond, Virginia.