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Specializing in Less Lethal Ammunition and Ordnance Components/ Devices

Across the country, one of the most rapid growing trends in law enforcement is the use of Less Lethal Kinetic Impact Munitions for Special Operations, Patrol, and Crowd Control. These munitions have given law enforcement a tool that allows them to deal with situations that have normally resulted in tragic endings - i.e., suicide by cop, subjects armed with non-standard weapons, violent and often deranged individuals, subjects under the influence of drugs, etc. The Kinetic Impact munitions, such as "Bean Bags" and Rubber Batons that are designed for direct fire applications, have allowed police officers to extend their ability to control a subject's behavior beyond the range of the PR-24 Baton and Pepper Sprays. These munitions are often referred to as extended range impact munitions and serve a similar role as a Baton, as they are used to control a subjects behavior through pain compliance and the normal strike areas for a baton are ofter used as target zones.

There have been hundreds of uses across the country where these munitions have been used to disarm people armed with knives and clubs, temporarily disable combative subjects and prevent numerous suicide attempts. In addition they have given law enforcement and the military a family of munitions that allow them to deal with unruly crowds by being able to taget individual point targets at extended ranges. Less Lethal tools been used for disturbances at sporting events, protests and demonstrations and inmajor civil disturbances / riot.

MK Ballistic Systems has been a leader in the advancement of Less Lethal munitions and strives to meet your needs!