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Legacy Inmate Communications specializes in operator-assisted Collect and Prepaid calling through the use of the unique web-based inmate call management system - "iCON". This system includes some of the most advanced investigative and administrative tools to include PIN/PAN applications, Call Recording, realtime Live Monitoring.

The company proudly boasts its longstanding Friends & Family Prepaid Collect Service which enables an inmate to have their calling funded by their loved ones. Friends & Family calling is available 24 hours a day to all Domestic, International, and Cellular Phone destinations. Legacy's also provides Direct Billing to Local Exchange customers with call blocks placed on their lines.

Over the past twelve years, this California based company has been furnishing innovative design and effective market solutions to hundreds of telephony clients nationwide.

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iCON Call Management System

iCON Call Management System

The iCON system by Legacy Inmate Communications is a fully operational, computer-controlled inmate call management system designed to change the way city, county, and state agencies perform their day-to-day inmate calling practices.

iCON is seamless in
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