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Legacy has two decades of experience providing exceptional inmate communication services for state, county, and city correctional facilities. Legacy is a full-service provider of inmate communication and investigative technology services at hundreds of correctional facilities nationwide.

We service facilities of all sizes, from police departments with fewer than fifty beds to large multi-facility complexes with thousands of beds.

At Legacy, we are known for our outstanding service and support, our comprehensive technology and service offering, and our user-centric and intuitive iCON inmate communication management system.

Legacy Inmate Communications is different from other companies in the industry in a very important way: we are a true telecommunications company. The core of Legacy’s business and of everything we do is telecommunications—we process each and every call through our very own network.

Our focus is on people—the people who will be using our system and our services day in and day out. This includes facility staff, the inmate population, and the individuals they communicate with on the outside. We understand how dependent each of these three customers is on the next and how important it is to keep each one satisfied and engaged with the services we provide.

As a true single source company who maintains in-house control over every aspect involved in managing a facility’s inmate communications (network-level control over every communication service, 24-hour customer service for inmates’ friends and family, and even billing), our clients can rest assured that its constituents will be taken care of. This is because, due to our unique single source infrastructure, they are our direct customers. We care about keeping them satisfied and engaged with the services we offer.

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Legacy Inmate Communications

Legacy Inmate Communications

Legacy is a nationwide provider and has been a leader in the inmate communications industry for over 20 years, with headquarters in Cypress, California. We provide favorable rates for friends and family, unparalleled customer service and a host of technology options that complement all parties involved in reducing inmate recidivism.

Legacy is unique in that it is a single-source provider, researching, developing, building integration and implementing every aspect of its Inmate Communication Management Systems, iCON.

Legacy’s iCON system is all about you, the user. The system pays attention to the investigative tools and management features you use the most in your daily work, and ensures that those tools are ready and accessible where and when you need them.
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