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The Warwick philosophy demonstrates breakthrough technologies and historical accountability. World-class innovation coupled with investment in customer relationships creates a culture of trust and responsiveness. We balance present challenges with an eye on future possibilities.

Superior Personal Protection
TurtleSkin protective materials offer high performance and patented protection in specialty fabrics engineered for personal and occupational safety. Warwicks commitment to life-safety products results in the research and development of new fiber composites for the most challenging safety applications.
From ballistics, law enforcement, hunting, and high-pressure water protection to stab, cut, and needlestick prevention, lightweight TurtleSkin products offer personal protection without sacrificing dexterity and comfort. We hold the patent for the tightest weave ever achieved using aramid fibers, resulting in superior protection from cuts and hypodermic needles.

Personal Protective Gloves
TurtleSkin Safety Gloves provide the highest level of puncture, stab, and needle protection in a lightweight, flexible fabric engineered for safety and performance. Our glove lineup offers protection from hypodermic needles, nails, wire, glass fragments, metal shards, wood splinters and cuts.

Protective Gloves for Law Enforcement
TurtleSkin Law Enforcement Gloves offer unsurpassed needle, knife, and razor protection for military, police, security guards, and corrections officers. Military, law enforcement, and corrections facilities have trusted Warwick to create the most advanced personal protective equipment. The TurtleSkin Duty Glove delivers excellent protection from HIV, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases that can be transmitted from needlesticks

Protective Body Armor
Offering the highest levels of Level IIIA concealable bullet and stab performance in personal protective equipment, TurtleSkin Body Armor provides more comfort, concealability, and custom fit in designs for both men and women.