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For a half a century, the Stratton family has crafted high quality headwear. From early beginnings as a civilian hat manufacturer, Stratton today is the world's largest supplier of uniform hats. Our headwear is worn by the vast majority of U.S. law enforcement and correction personnel, and many state and local organizations.

A commitment to service, prompt delivery, custom sizing and 'like new' renovating has created loyal and long-standing customers. Product quality is guaranteed through tight control over all stages of the hand crafted manufacturing process.

Each hat is produced from the finest quality braids and genuine furs available, which are shipped to Stratton's wholly-owned subsidiary, the Winchester Hat Corporation in Tennessee. This plant produces the high grade fur felt and straw hoods which are sent to company headquarters in Bellwood, Illinois, for forming and finishing. The result is headwear unsurpassed for durability and style, assuring years of highly respected appearance. Stratton's uniform hats add authority and dignity to any uniform.

With the ever increasing occurrence of skin cancer, Stratton Hats, with their opaque, sun-shielding brims, have proven effective in the protection of harmful UV rays and the fight against skin disease.

Why are our uniform hats the finest in the world? Ask any officer who wears one!