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MHM is a leading national provider of mental health services to state and local government agencies. Currently, MHM provides services in 16 states to almost 340,000 individuals in 300 locations. MHM is a proven leader in delivering correctional mental and health services that save money and improve outcomes for our clients. Through our unique public-private partnership model, MHM applies our management principles to the areas most critical to correctional healthcare systems recruitment, program management, clinical operations and pharmacy management. The longevity of our client relationships is unmatched in our industry -- a testament to our ability to achieve results year after year.

In 2011, MHM partnered with a Medicaid managed care company, Centene Corporation, to create Centurion, LLC. Centene is a national leading provider of state Medicaid managed care services for over 4.8 million covered lives. Centurion was formed as a solution to stagnant correctional healthcare practices and infuses free-world programs from Centene into the corrections marketplace. Through Centurion, state correctional agencies now have access to the same high level of efficient managed care services as have been proven effective in large state Medicaid managed care program.