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The Cashless Commissary & Trust Fund Accounting System (CACTAS) software system from CSi can fully automate your inmate banking and commissary operations. CACTAS utilizes the latest technology including inmate order entry kiosks, credit/debit card deposit processing via lobby kiosk and/or internet web site, hand-held PDA devices, IVR (interactive voice recognition) technology order entry utilizing your existing inmate telephone hand sets, electronic signature capture, an OMR scanner interface, internet client connectivity to managed hosting database servers, other agency inmate billing, and compatible distribution center software for support of commissary services bagging operations.

CACTAS Software as a Service

If you are small and simply do not have the technical resources and/or the know-how to install and manage sophisticated software systems we can make it easy. Our CACTAS system is a fully web enabled solution that is offered as a service (SaS) to those organizations who are not capable or simply do not want to manage web sites, servers, databases, backup/maintenance schedules, etc. CSi offers our software solution as a service that does not require you to do these things. We do them for you on our own leased internet servers (managed hosting servers). Literally the only requirement that the corrections facility must provide is a Windows personal computer(s) and a broad band (high speed) connection to the internet. We can do the rest due to the technology we employ, our architecture, and our advanced application design. It is not necessary for us to install any proprietary CSi software on your computers. Your staff will simply log into a secure web site that is setup specifically for your use and you will execute all functionality from the web site. We can get your facility on the air and operational in a matter of hours.

Of course if you do have an information technology staff and would prefer to host and manage you own web site and database then we can do it that way as well. Simply put, your organization can install and run CACTAS your way; you are not limited to the old, obsolete technologies of the past that must be installed locally on facility hardware. Client server and other obsolete software systems is what most of our competitors still use; consider calling CSi today for a better and easier way.