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Apex Steel Door Manufacturing Group, a division of Apex Industries, is Canada's largest manufacturer of detention doors and frames. Apex has been manufacturing detention-grade doors and frames since 1990.

Our products can be found in:

* Federal correctional institutions in Canada and the United States - Apex figured significantly in the development of the federally (Canadian) approved Pivot door assembly
* County, State, and Provincial jails throughout North America and abroad
* We are nationally approved to manufacture and supply the Royal Canadian Mounted Police cell door assemblies

Our detention, cell and bullet resistant doors can be utilized in all types of applications:

* Minimum to maximum penitentiaries
* Police stations
* County jails
* Courthouses
* Airports
* Ports
* Railway stations
* Border crossings
* University and college campuses
* The exterior openings of office buildings
* Residential properties

Apex has been laboratory tested and certified to meet the ANSI/NAAMM 863-04 Testing requirements, as per the ASTM F1450-05 Testing requirements, which includes the following tests:

* Static load
* Door edge crush test
* Impact
* Load test
* Rack test
* Removable glass stop test